I developed a few programs in Java. One of the most complex project I worked on is detailed in this webpage. Versatility is what really Java stands out for. I wrote applets, stand-alone pc programs, applications for Symbian mobile phones (e.g. a “personal trainer” which would help during workout) and this bigger program. I used JavaBeans and Eclipse as IDE. Below are some examples of the first things I did with it.


I studied how Android Apps work and experimented a little – graphical user interfacie, Xml settings, data storage.

Java Server Pages

I used two server-side programming languages: Php and Jsp. Jsp is Java. Using Php was much easier. With Jsp I made a virtual chessboard. I run an Apache server and two players could play chess through the Web by connecting to my IP address.


Crosswords puzzles: Java, JavaScript, SQL, Php, Html – all together

I started coding with Java because it allowed me to program mobile phones.

In year 2006 Smartphones, Apps and touchscreens weren’t there – not the way they are now, anyway. However, Nokia 6630 (nicknamed “Nokiotto”) was there. It came after the other relatively cheap Nokia smart phone, the egg-looking one we can see on the picture. And the Symbian OS was there. A few mobile phones were then programmable with C++ Symbian API. With some limitations – but better code reusability – phones could be programmed in Java – Java ME. I chose the latter.






What I developed allowed users to:

  • Web: log in with username and password
  • Build new crosswords puzzles:
    • On the web (Applet)
    • On a standalone pc program
  • Save the puzzle. It would be an encrypted text string (a simple text encription – just to prevent the users from unintentionally seeing the solution):
    • On the MySql database on the Web
    • In a text file
    • As plain text, to be copied and pasted inside the software
  • Solve the rosswords puzzle:
    • On the Web
    • On pc
    • On a Symbian mobile phone
  • Show on a web page which users built which puzzles, and access the puzzles from the page
  • Embed the crosswords applet in any website

Some features of my project:

  • Three different Java “flavors”: Java ME, Java Applet, Java for Standalone application.
  • PHP for Server-side
  • JavaScript for Client-side
  • MySql database managed users and puzzles data
  • Web connection and data transfer in mobile phone, Java ME
  • Sha-2 password encryption. In the database the stored passwords were encrypted. Sql injection prevention.
  • Java Applet, Html, JavaScript all talked together. The crosswords schema was passed to the Applet as a parameter. Java and JavaScript functions could interact, to send data to the Php-database part.
  • The website was built with a Wysiwyg Html editor. I used Css

The project was complete. The next video shows howthe Applet worked (this was a limited version – it didn’t access any database)