University Trading Challenge From Decemper 2015 to May 2015 I took part in a trading contest (by Directa Sim) with some fellow students. During those months the global markets – the European markets especially – were in a turmoil. A big turmoil. Volatility sky-rocketed due to the Greek government-debt crisis. Every other week news brought dramatic effects to the markets. Not only the future of Greece was at stake – the European currency itself was. Managing a portfolio – a risky one – during those months was very educational. Our team was the “Gauss Team”. We were given real money – it was not aRead More →

Circuito elettronico

Digital electronics The Arduino kit let me approach digital electronics, even though I was an outsider. The amazing revolution of Arduino was indeed showing that electronics is no black magic. Arduino made electronic devices design possible to me, and to many more people who just tried it. Many years before I did use soldering irons, solder and PCBs. But I did it just slightly better than monkeys would do it. Thanks to Arduino I became aware of the fact that electronics was quite similar to coding: you just plug a bunch of pieces together the right way and they actually work. When the electric chargeRead More →